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About us?

For the past 10 years we have traveled between French Polynesia, Europe, USA, New Zealand and Australia. Our entire team is dedicated ONLY to Tahiti and her islands, some of us live there all year long, while others go there once or twice a year to pause along the lagoon ;-)

The idea of TahitiRESA comes from our own way to travel.
We book absolutely everything on Internet.
Indeed, travel booking has radically changed in the past five years! With Internet we have more flexibility, more freedom, more control to elaborate this dream-like vacation entirely ourselves, and for a cheaper bugdget!


The missing link...
 For planes, no  problem! It is easy to book flights-only on Internet (international and inter-islands flights).

 What we missed until now for French Polynesia was the ability to,

  1. mix lodging categories (hotels & guest houses).
  2. easily compare lodging prices in Euros and USD, with taxes included.
  3. get the availabilities of each accommodation in only 24 hours.
  4. book and pay a deposit with a credit card on a secured Internet platform
  5. receive immediately our electronic vouchers in our private account.
  6. be assured, in case we buy transfers, that the hotel would organize them.  

So, why still book French Polynesia the old way, when you can do-it-all on line?
the hotel booking center

in partnership with 75 hotels and guest houses now answers all these needs with 75 lodging accomodations located in 12 Islands in French Polynesia
. With TahitiRESA you are in direct contact with our lodging partners who are answering themselves to each of your inquiries.
No service fees
All our lodging partners have committed to transmit to TahitiRESA their best rates, equal in every aspects to the rates they present on their web sites. You are therefore sure to find the lowest prices in TahitiRESA, without any additional margin. Also, TahitiRESA does not invoice any service fees to clients.

On demand reservations

For the first time in French Polynesia, credit card booking is available in a few hours, with the possibility to book lodging accomodations one at a time. TahitiRESA is therefore the ideal formula to plan one's own itinerary and book lodgings in French Polynesia, tailoring choices according to each traveler's budget and preferences.
TahitiRESA is open since June 1st, 2011.

"Bon voyage" on our web site,
Let your dream decide... you can now access Tahiti so easily!


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