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General Conditions


RESERVATION CENTERS: TahitiRESA offers to book many lodgings in French Polynesia with its present web site (mostly guest houses and small hotels), for which applicable reservation conditions are mentioned below within this page. TahitiRESA also offers to book some lodgings (mostly large hotel resorts) with the web site, for which applicable reservation conditions are solely these of

RESERVATION GUARANTEED BY THE HOTEL: TahitiRESA acts as a Travel Operator in the form of transparent intermediary for reservations recorded and forwarded to the hotel in your name. It is still the hotel itself, which answers your request for availability. In case of positive answer, it promises to guarantee you such availability for 3 days. When you confirm your reservation during these 3 days, you agree to contract directly with the hotel according to its conditions, as well as its general conditions if applicable.

TRANSFERS PURCHASED FROM THE HOTEL: If you purchase transfers from the hotel, you have fields in your reservation receipt to indicate your time of arrival/departure at the island airport (or port). The hotel will confirm and acknowledge this information, and thus will promise to organize your welcome at the airport (or port) of the island in question.

RESERVATION CONFIRMATION: To confirm your reservation, you must pay a down payment through a credit card to TahitiRESA, which will collect it in the hotel's name. This down payment cannot be reimbursed. Payment is done through secured pages encrypted in SSL (Secure Socket Layer) with a Verisign certificate. Information on your credit card is never forwarded to the hotel or to third parties.

The balance indicated in Euros on this receipt must be paid directly to the hotel desk, according to the above hotel conditions. Only amounts indicated in Euros are valid, amounts in other currencies are mentioned only as indications at the time of reservation. This receipt is valid only on dates indicated and for the client in question for the number of persons indicated, and provided that this reservation has not been cancelled later by the client or that the down payment has been defaulted. The reservation receipt is the proof of the confirmation of your reservation by the hotel on a given date, but only the hotel's private space on the TahitiRESA system is the real proof.

All the featured hotels have agreed to forward to TahitiRESA their public prices equal in every way to the prices shown on their individual sites. Therefore you are sure to always find low and transparent prices on TahitiRESA, without any "added margin". Furthermore, TahitiRESA does not charge any service fee to the clients. The objective of TahitiRESA is to offer you a fast , flexible and secured reservation service, even when you travel several thousands of kilometers.

In case of modification or cancellation of your reservation you must contact the hotel directly by email or by telephone. When you confirm your reservation, you are bound contractually with the reserved hotel, according to the conditions indicated on the reservation receipt. The down payment collected at the time of confirmation of the reservation will not be reimbursed. Penalties for modifications and cancellations are applicable according to the hotels policy and the time remaining before your arrival (see the hotel's conditions). Your credit card will be used as a guarantee to apply such penalties.

You acknowledge that TahitiRESA is not responsible for the choice of lodging and of services that you selected, neither it is for errors (dates, services, number of persons, etc.) that you could have made otherwise. The information published (photos descriptions, prices) is forwarded to us directly under the sole responsibility of each hotel. TahitiRESA declines any liability in case of dispute with the hotel over the existence or the quality of services supplied with regard to information published or services which are reserved at the hotel.

TahitiRESA will not disclose your personal data other than those forwarded to the hotel in question. Such information is never transmitted to third parties, but may be used by our affiliate companies in the area of travel. Information about your credit card will never be forwarded to the hotel or to third parties.
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: You acknowledge expressly that all Intellectual Property rights of the website or related websites, linked either to the content in any form, or to databases, are the property of TahitiRESA or of its legal claimant. Such data may not be extracted, reproduced or used without the authorization of TahitiRESA.


TahitiRESA means an Internet hotel reservation center and the trade mark used under license by Lodrez, Travel Operator registered under number IM091100007 in the Register of Travel Operators of Atout France, the official French agency of tourism development. Lodrez exercises the activity of Travel Operator as a transparent intermediary for tourism lodging reservations presented on the site, which are in no way all-inclusive tourism deals or transportation-only in the meaning of Article L 211-1 of the Code of Tourism. As such TahitiRESA acts as a Broker.
The confirmation of the reservation by the client is a direct contract with the concerned hotel, which guarantees exclusively the reservation to the client, and represents the acceptance by the client of the hotel's conditions, and of its general conditions if applicable. Lodrez liability is limited to the amount of collected down payment. In case of dispute, the exclusive jurisdiction is attributed to the applicable jurisdictions of the Paris Court of Appeal which will apply French Law, notwithstanding the plurality of defendants or appeal in guarantee, even for emergency rulings or protective procedures.

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