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What does TahitiRESA offer?

TahitiRESA does not sell airline reservations. You will find below links to airlines websites and our advices for reserving International and Inter-Islands flights by yourself.

TahitiRESA proposes a Hotel Reservation Center, on a secured website for your lodging requirements in Tahiti and her islands, from luxury hotels to small family owned hotels (also known as "pensions de famille").

How to reserve?

Please follow these 4 steps in the following order


First reserve your international flights to Tahiti 

Plan your itinerary and your inter-islands trips using our typical itineraries and the schedules of Air Tahiti (the domestic airline), taking into account the flight dates between selected islands.
Reserve the inter-islands flights with the Air Tahiti online service

Reserve all your lodging accommodations with our booking center

4 steps to plan my trip: 


STEP 1: Reserving my international flights

TahitiRESA does not sell airline reservations. All the airlines listed below deliver electronic tickets (e-tickets) which are recorded in the airline reservation system. Generally, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail along with your flight information.

The international airlines flying
to Papeete-Tahiti (PPT)

The flight comparator for Tahiti
on travel sites

Click below for their websites,

Links to international airlines
 Air Tahiti Nui the international Tahitian airline, from Paris (CDG), Los Angeles (LAX), Tokyo (NRT), Auckland (AKL)
 Air France from Paris (CDG) and Los Angeles (LAX) in partnership with Delta Airlines
 Air New Zealand from Auckland (AKL), Los Angeles (LAX), Sydney (SYD) and also London (LHR) > Los Angeles > Tahiti > Auckland.
 British Airways from London (LHR) with its flight London > Los Angeles then a connection on Air Tahiti Nui for the flight Los Angeles > Tahiti.
 Lan Chile from Madrid (MAD) > Santiago de Chile (SCL) > Easter island > Tahiti (PPT).
 Hawaïan Airlines from Honolulu (HNL) in Hawaï
 Aircalin from Noumea (NOU) in New Caledonia. This airline also flies Sydney (SYD) > Noumea (NOU) > Tahiti (PPT)

Domestic flights between Tahiti and the surrounding islands
 inter-islands flights with the Air Tahiti online service


STEP 2 : Planning my inter-islands itinerary 

Suggested itineraries:

The "usual" itinerary is as follows: begin with a pause in Moorea, then visit the other islands of the Society Archipelago, then take a flight that goes directly from Bora Bora to Rangiroa (in the Tuamotu Islands) and finish with a Tuamotu remote atoll, then back to Tahiti.
 Plan your itinerary logically: Do not duplicate one-way or return flights in your program! 
 Select 3 nights minimum for each island and 1 or 2 days for Tahiti, which can also be visited from Moorea via the ferry. However if you wish to visit the Southern part of the island of Tahiti, reserve 3 days in Tahiti.
 If you prefer a more relaxing vacation, select instead 5 or 6 nights per island with less islands in your program.
 Allow 4 hours to fly from one island to another (from one lodging facility to another) etc. taking into account transfers to/from lodging + airport waiting time + flight time. The only exception is Tahiti > Moorea since the flight lasts only 10 minutes (or 30 minutes by ferry)!
 While the Society Islands are all rather different, visiting each one of them can be justified. The Tuamotu atolls however look pretty much alike and visiting only one of them is often enough: select Rangiroa, the biggest atoll, or one of the 4 more intimate (if not out of the way) others.
The Tuamotu
 To fly from the Society Archipelago to the Tuamotu Islands: take a direct flight from Bora Bora to Rangiroa, which sometimes continues to another atoll.  Some days in the week, direct flights fly between Bora Bora to Tikehau, or to  Fakarava, or to  Manihi (see Air Tahiti schedule file below).
 Supplements are applicable if to go from the Society Islands to the Tuamotu, you transit by Tahiti. Same if you choose to travel the other way starting from the Tuamotu (them stopping in Rangiroa on your way to Bora Bora). It is therefore better to follow the direction in our itineraries.
The Society Archipelago
 The island of Tahaa has no airport. Therefore you have to land in the neighbor’s island airport of Raiatea. Transfers to Tahaa’s lodging facilities are ensured by boat from this airport.
 The island of Moorea is always included in our suggestions as it is a multi-faceted island (lagoon, mountain, culture) which also lets you, while staying in Moorea, visit Tahiti, its big sister, via a 30-minute trip by ferry.
 Air Tahiti PASS

The 8 itineraries we recommend:

Place your cursor over the magnifier to see our recommended itineraries corresponding to the various Air Tahiti PASS (inclusive rates for multiple flights). Please follow the order and the direction of our itineraries to avoid paying supplements.


Air Tahiti PASS

View this itinerary7-night Escapade,
2 îlslands

     RT by Air Tahiti or by Ferries

View this itinerary10-night
Tahitian Cocktail,
3 îlslands

     Discovery PASS

View this itinerary10-night
Diving Best,
3 islands

     Lagoons PASS

View this itinerary12-night
Society Archipelago,
3 or 4 islands

View this itinerary12-night
3 islands

   Bora-Bora PASS

View this itinerary14-night
The Classic,
5 islands

It is a must

View this itinerary18-night
The Total
6 islands

to see everything

View this itinerary18-night
Full Relaxation,
4 islands

This is our favorite

 Bora Bora + Tuamotu PASS

Air Tahiti inter-islands schedule

 Air Tahiti: lThe local airline Air Tahiti offers a large number of flights throughout all the islands Be careful some inter-islands flights do not fly every day of the week!
Download Air Tahiti's Schedules.

Is it possible to go from island to island by boat?

We do not recommend it, as the islands are too far from each other. This is why the greatest majority of travels is done by plane. When you visit a new island, you must always select a new lodging accommodation in that island.

There are however 3 exceptions of islands close enough to visit by boat:

 Moorea and Tahiti: from Moorea it is easy to visit Papeete, Tahiti’s small capital city, by taking a ferry for the day. A 30-minute crossing by fast ferry for the whole day. Last departure from Tahiti is at 5:30PM. See the Aremiti ferries schedules.
 Tahaa and Raiatea: these two islands share the same lagoon, it is easy to visit one island while you are staying in the other.
 Bora Bora and Maupiti: from Bora Bora, the Maupiti Express boat is the best way to go to the island of Maupiti (there is no direct flight between Bora Bora and Maupiti, except for very rare exceptions). A 3-hour crossing by ferry, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday only. Once in Maupiti, we recommend that you rent a bicycle. It is possible to return the same day to Bora Bora with the last boat leaving Maupiti at 4:00PM.  
Update on 1st of March 2014: Maupiti Express does not run anymore! Therefore the plane is now the only possibility to reach Maupiti!



STEP 3: Reserving inter-islands flights

Reserve Air Tahiti flights online

Access the Air Tahiti services online



STEP 4: Reserving my lodging accommodations

Selecting and reserving all of my lodging accommodations online

Access the Hotel Reservation Network

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